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Capitalizing on the Holiday Hype: Store Décor

by Roxanne Conrad on October 8, 2019



“Howl” O-ween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the human kiddos. Plenty of families celebrate Howl-o-ween by either dressing up their furry loved one, or getting them some extra special toys and treats to keep them busy during trick or treating hours. Why not incorporate a Trick or Treat Display in your store: Display some favorite or best-selling dog toys next to those favorite, best-selling dog treats.


Safety First, Thank you!

Thanksgiving is a time many of us celebrate all the things we are grateful for…which does not include puppy indigestion or emergency vet visits. While pet owners just want to incorporate their beloved companion into one of their favorite holidays, many don’t realize the danger those turkey bones can bring.

Think about showcasing a Thanksgiving Food Safety guide or handouts. Couple this with a display for rawhides, bully sticks, and flavor filled hoof bins, and provide those customers with a much safer alternative. That’s something the pups will be thankful for!


Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Many puppy parents would love to get a family picture with Santa, if they could find a venue that was both pet friendly AND schedule friendly. Consider setting up a corner of the store with a winter wonderland display. Promote scheduled “santa” hours, but leave the display up day-round for those that would be just as happy to take their own fun pics without waiting in line. And don’t forget to keep plenty of small “stocking stuffers” at the registers for those last minute grabs!

Interested in utilizing any of the above graphics? Contact our Success team to obtain personalized displays for your store! info@thirdpartypet.com

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Roxanne ConradCapitalizing on the Holiday Hype: Store Décor

Employee Spotlight: TPP Welcomes New Additions to Leadership Team

by Mike Isaac on October 8, 2019

Roxanne Conrad | Vice President, Marketing

In September we officially welcomed Roxanne Conrad as the Vice President of Marketing. Roxanne came to Third Party Pet with over 15 years of successful Marketing, Sales and Business Development experience, and had been working with TPP in a consulting capacity for several months prior to onboarding. She is currently responsible for designing and executing TPP’s marketing vision – both internally and externally.

One of Roxanne’s primary goals will be to provide assistance and strategically expand marketing & brand opportunities for our clients. She will be diligently rolling out new content and marketing campaigns, and will be making herself available as a resource.


Laura Cunico | Vice President, Operations

Recently we welcomed Laura Cunico as the Vice President of Operations. Laura joins our organization with over 20 years of Sales and Call Center Experience. Laura has spent the last 15 years heavily focused on growth opportunities by building strong partnerships in the healthcare industry. To date. Laura is attributed with securing over 100,000 clients by developing strategies through providing customers with valuable information and insight. The wealth of knowledge she brings regarding answering services and small business support make her an integral asset to TPP.

Laura will initially be focused on updating and streamlining our client services SOPs to offer the best possible value to our clients. Her primary goal will be centered around making TPP a leader in efficiency and using our resources to provide additional solutions and support to our clients.

Please feel free to contact the Success Team with any questions or requests for specific marketing or client services support: info@thirdpartypet.com

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Mike IsaacEmployee Spotlight: TPP Welcomes New Additions to Leadership Team

Pet Store Calendar – Next Generation

by Adam Stachowiak on October 8, 2019


PSC 2.0 Update Summary

For those that may have been hiding under a puppy crate, TPP released its long- awaited Next Generation Pet Store Calendar in July.

PSC 2.0 is a whole new software experience boasting:

  • Faster processing times
  • Increased functionality
  • Real-time lead tracking
  • Transparent reporting capabilities

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Adam StachowiakPet Store Calendar – Next Generation

Holiday Staffing for your Store

by Skyler Ormsbee on October 7, 2019

With the busiest season upon us, retailers across the country are faced with the same dilemma. How do you properly staff for the upcoming Holiday Season? The majority of

pet moms and dads will buy gifts and special treats for their beloved fur babies. Over half of them will also purchase gifts for relatives and friend’s fur family.

In addition, Pet Store owners deal with the onslaught of families looking to bring home that purrfect new edition to their family! Tally up the increase in phone and online inquiries, as well as foot traffic and puppy viewing appointments, and it becomes clear the previous schedule may not be enough to handle the uptick in customer service needs.

So how do you stay ahead of the staffing curve and turn this holiday boom into a boon?

  1. Start early. Begin posting hiring signs and ads three months before the (historically) busiest weeks of your year. You’ll need time to interview, onboard, train and be comfortable that the employees are knowledge enough to put in front of your customers.
  2. Have a plan. What are the areas that typically get the busiest for your team? Foot traffic in the store? Online requests? Phone calls? Put a plan in place to hire for (or outsource) the areas that see the most increased needs.
  3. Train the incoming staff the same as you do for the year-round team. In general, stores will end up keeping 10-15% of seasonal staff onboard full time after the holiday season. Not only will this reduce the amount of “retraining,” but it will also significantly impact your customer’s experience during the holiday season. Having a bad experience with a team member who is not knowledgeable may generate a negative review online or impact the opportunity for repeat business…and there’s a lot of repeat business to be had!
  4. Offer post-season opportunity. Give your top sales people or most reliable team members the opportunity to stay on post New Year drop offs. If you’re already properly staffed, create some drive by offering choice of shifts to those valued employees.
  5. Be clear, flexible and realistic. Provide transparency on the expectation of the staffing hours during the time of hire. Let the applicant decide if the hours and expectations are in alignment with what they can commit to. Onboarding and training costs time and money – you want to make sure both are well spent and not thrown away just to bring in a “body.” Also, be cognizant of the balance of work your employees are expecting over the holiday season. Do they want to work every day from 4pm-9pm AND weekends? Over scheduling your team members may result in call-offs or premature resignations (especially if the employee feels that the 6-10 weeks of holiday work is not worth the time commitment). This can leave you without a properly staffed store in the busiest weeks of the year! Consider over hiring initially to ensure you are properly staffed towards the holiday rush.

Currently managing all of your own customer service calls in inquiries? Free up your time and labor hours with TPP’s Solutions Support Team. Contact our Success Team for more details: info@thirdpartypet.com

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Skyler OrmsbeeHoliday Staffing for your Store

FDA Warns Dog Owners to Stop Feeding Pig Ear Dog Treats Over Salmonella Concerns

by American Kennel Club on October 1, 2019

New concerns are surfacing about pig ear dog treats. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating a few strains of Salmonella suspected to be contaminating pig ear treats and infecting people who handle them. The FDA pig ear alert on July 31 advised dog owners to stop feeding pig ears to their pets completely. As of September 5, the CDC reports 143 people infected from 35 states, with 33 people hospitalized. The CDC notes that many of these cases are drug-resistant, although fortunately, no one has died.

What Is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a bacteria that sickens both humans and animals. The CDC says that people infected with Salmonella can develop abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chills, bloody stool, headache, and fever. Onset after exposure is anywhere from eight to 72 hours, and recovery can take a few days. While the severity varies according to the strain of Salmonella and the general health of the patient, the elderly, the infantile, and the immune-suppressed are highly susceptible. In them, a Salmonella infection (called salmonellosis) can lead to hospitalization and even death.

Contrary to myth, dogs and other animals also develop salmonellosis. The signs include vomiting, bloody stool or diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, and fever. Dogs who develop salmonellosis symptoms should see a veterinarian. In some cases, infected canines may not actually show signs of being sick, but they can still shed the bacteria in their feces and their saliva. Dog owners should always clean up after their pets and scrub their hands after walking them regardless of what kinds of treats and foods they are feeding them.

What Dog Owners Need to Know About Pig Ear Dog Treats

If you have pig ear treats on hand, throw them away immediately in a wrapped, secure container that wild animals can’t access. After, wash your hands thoroughly. Also, make sure to disinfect any surfaces the pig ear treats touched to avoid cross- contamination.

When it comes to any treats, the FDA recommends that you always follow some simple hygiene rules. Don’t let your dog lick you after consuming one, or lick you near your mouth. Don’t allow a half-chewed treat lying around for someone to touch. Monitor your dog while they eat, do not let small children handle them, and sterilize those areas in your home that come into contact with either canine saliva or treats.

What to Do If You Get Sick

If you think you have contracted salmonellosis, see your health care provider for confirmation and treatment. If you believe your dog is displaying symptoms, take them to the vet. If you have a concern about salmonellosis or exposure to Salmonella through a product, you can report it to the FDA through the Safety Reporting Portal. This helps the agency keep track of issues and trace cases back to their origins.

Source: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/news/fda-warns-pig-ear-dog-treats-connected-salmonella

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American Kennel ClubFDA Warns Dog Owners to Stop Feeding Pig Ear Dog Treats Over Salmonella Concerns