And the winner is…consumer insight on breed purchase trends

by Roxanne Conrad on April 6, 2020

On the ‘tail’ end of the Westminster Dog Show, we hear discussion around purchase trends and consumer psychology regarding an increase in breed sales. The fact that typical consumer psychology does not apply to the purchase of a particular breed may be shocking. For example,
according to the AVMA, a breed that wins Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show does not typically increase the number of new registrations for that breed.*

So what DOES influence breed popularity?

The #1 impact on instant breed popularity is actually television & movies! That’s right, thank the entertainment industry for the uptick in Collies (Lassie), Carin Terriers (Wizard of Oz), Saint Bernards (Beethoven), Jack Russel Terriers (Frasier and The
Mask), Cocker Spaniels (Lady and the Tramp), and the largest increase – Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians).**

It is worth noting, that while the release of a new dog star may have an immediate impact on the popularity of any given breed, that popularity is often fleeting. One breed (which ironically is not prone to many Best In Show titles) has maintained their role as the leading star in many American’s homes, and continues to top the most popular breed lists for decades… and the winner is: the Labrador.***

Roxanne ConradAnd the winner is…consumer insight on breed purchase trends