How Much Staffing Does Your Pet Store Really Need?

by Lisa Fimberg on January 11, 2021

Whether you have a small or large pet store, one of the most important factors to the success of your store, is your staff.  Without the proper employees to run the store, it is unable to run smoothly and can be detrimental to your bottom line.   So, the question begs “How much staffing does your pet store really need?”

Staffing Your Store

Due to Covid-19, pet store staffing may look very different than in prior years.   With social distancing guidelines in place and fewer people in the store, many pet stores overall staffing has been reduced.

The most important thing to consider is that you have enough staff to ensure that you are getting the supplies you need, have an appealing floor display as well as knowledgeable employees to help your in-store customers.

Of course, the size of your store and how much traffic you get can also be an indicator of how much staff you need.

Pet Store Managers

Most stores have an on-site manager who is responsible for managing all the daily duties to ensure that your store runs smoothly.

Most managers help with hiring new staff and provide the training to the sales staff.   A manager will also merchandise the products as well as oversee and maintain the inventory.

Pet store managers must also ensure that all the puppies and animals in their stores (including fish, reptiles, birds, and small mammals) are in accordance with local regulations and animal care guidelines.

Most of these duties are operational oversight.   The bigger corporate chains, or larger independent pet stores will need more managers to oversee the individual managers that might run grooming or even veterinary service.

The smaller stores will usually have the store manager cover all the department duties and even perform some of the more hands on duties such as customer service or running the cash register.

Pet Floor Staff

Your store needs to have enough staff to cover your in-store customer needs as well as to help the manager with any of their daily tasks.   Because of Covid-19 and very few drop-by visits, you should have a better gauge of how much foot traffic you will have and accordingly how many sales associates necessary.

For the most part, usually one manager as well as one to two sales associates that rotate shifts and fill in the week should be sufficient for a smaller pet store.  The larger stores might even have supply staff, additional managers and even kennel staff.

The Right Staff

The biggest complaint among most pet store owners is the ability to find quality employees.  While finding the right employee who will stay with your store can provide a challenge, it is up to you or your management to provide the employee with the right training to lead them to success.

Quality employees that are keepers can answer all headaches.  You need to reward them and let them own their position.  Give them incentive to stay and grow with your store with bonuses and encouragement.

If you find a willing and able new employee with little experience, the most important thing to remember is that the training part is easy.   A good attitude and willingness to learn and stay with your store can go a long way for employee retention and the success of your store.

How Third Party Pet Can Help 

With fewer staff on the floor as well as less customers in the store, let us help you with your staffing headaches.  You might even find that due to the Covid-19 unemployment stipend, it is even harder to find employees.

Our services from lead management to registrations can help your store tremendously.  We can answer the phones, set up leads and help with registering your customers pets.   This way your staff can focus only on the in-store customers without manning the phones.

Be sure to contact our Success Team ( to see how we can help your store and make your staffing headaches disappear!

Lisa FimbergHow Much Staffing Does Your Pet Store Really Need?