How Pet Retailers Can Capitalize on Home Grooming Trends

by Lisa Fimberg on December 9, 2020

The Covid Pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in many ways.  Whether you own a pet retail store or even a restaurant, the way business is conducted has seen many changes in the past nine months.  Both retailers and consumers have had to adjust to this new normal.

While pet retail stores have fared well during the pandemic, not all businesses can say the same.  Consumers have not only changed their spending habits, but they have also adapted to doing things at home.

While some people have learned to cook at home or even cut their own hair, others have taken to grooming their pets at home.  With many dog groomers being closed, some pet parents have learned to bathe and groom their dogs themselves.

How Pet Stores Can Capitalize on Home Grooming Trends

Pet retail stores can capitalize on this trend by ensuring that your store has the proper grooming supplies available.  While not all pet parents are up to the task of a full home groom, most would at least consider giving their dogs a good bath!

Consider designating a section to home grooming and have the proper tools ready for pet parents to purchase.  Grooming supplies can even be a great holiday gift for pet owners.

The most basic tools that your customer would need to do some home grooming are the following:

Pet Brushes:

Dogs have many different coat and hair types so it could be beneficial to have a variety of brushes for both long and short haired dog.  Most cats like to be brushed as well and might benefit from a softer brush.

Flea combs are a great addition to brushes for flea removal which can be done after bathing.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner:

Most consumers today are more likely to gravitate towards a healthy, organic pet shampoo and conditioner.  Having a variety of shampoos available from oatmeal to a natural chemical-free shampoo is always a win.

Not all dogs need to have a conditioner after a wash, but it can help with keeping a dog’s hair shiny and tangle-free.  Have a few choices of dog conditioners available to provide options for various needs.

Nail Trimmers or Clippers:

Nail trims can be stressful for both dogs and their owners.  By having the right tools, it can put both dog owners and their dogs at ease.

Claw-style or plier-style trimmers can cut the nails just like a pair of scissors.  Guillotine trimmers have a replaceable blade that can cut the dog’s nails with a handle or you can offer a simple scissor-like trimmer that can work well on dogs with short nails.

Filing tools grind down the nails gradually and result in a smooth edge-nail. Basic emery boards or metal files can be used on small, delicate nails for the smaller breeds.

Pet Grooming Shears

While not all dogs will need haircuts, having a few types of pet grooming shears could be a nice addition.  Some pet parents might want to give their dogs with medium to long hair an occasional trim.

Pet toothbrush and toothpaste

Most of your customers will know the benefits of brushing a dog’s teeth.  It can help to prevent decay and tartar build up which in turn is beneficial to the pup’s overall health.

It is easy to brush a dogs’ teeth and by having a pet toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs available could be an easy sale.  Why not add that to the home-grooming section!

Pet owners always want to keep their dogs’ fur clean and healthy.  By having the right home grooming tools available at your store, it could be an easy sale for you and a convenience for your customers!

If your customers want to know more about pet grooming, our agents are happy to help.   They can answer your customer’s questions about any pet or health care question.  Contact our Success Team ( to learn more!)


Lisa FimbergHow Pet Retailers Can Capitalize on Home Grooming Trends