How Pet Retailers Can Participate in Customer Service Week

by Lisa Fimberg on October 1, 2020

The first week of October is known as National Customer Service week to celebrate and recognize the importance of the employees who serve and support customers daily.   This appreciation week dates back to 1992 when President George Bush chose the first week of October to celebrate and honor the employees who work with customers day-to-day.

If your store hasn’t recognized Customer Service Week in the past, 2020 is always a great year to start!  After all, there has been so much stress for everyone this year and your employees are no different.  It can be a great way to boost employee morale and to thank your employees for their hard work.

Below are some ways that your store or business can implement customer service week:

Celebrate your store employees for exemplary customer service

Customer service week is truly about recognizing your employees.  They are the voice of your store and are there daily answering the many questions and requests that your customers might have.

Not only is honoring your employees helpful to them, but it is good for company morale and ultimately your store. There are many ways you can honor your employees this week and it does not need to be expensive or fancy.

This year’s customer service week theme is the “dream team” and you can incorporate the theme into your appreciation.

Below are some ideas that your store can implement to thank your employees:

  • Take the staff out (your dream team) to a celebratory lunch (a socially distanced place of course) or bring food to the store for an after-hours party.
  • Have a theme day, such as a sports day where your employees can dress in their favorite sports team. Then take your employees to a sporting event or give them a small gift certificate to a local or online sporting site.
  • Send handwritten notes to your employees to tell them just how much you appreciate them. This is something they can keep and hold onto for a long time.
  • Give out different gifts to employees depending on their interests – a gift card to their favorite restaurant, on-line store or even Amazon. It shows how much you know your employees and appreciate them.
  • Have a team meeting when you recognize the outstanding employees who have really pulled their weight during the pandemic. Incorporate trophies or awards for the top employees (but give everyone something!).

Recognize and appreciate your vendors and suppliers this week

Even though your vendors and suppliers are not your customers, they are a vital part of your business.  It is equally important to maintain and recognize your vendors who go the extra mile to help keep your business run smoothly.

If you want to recognize your vendors, you can invite them to an after hours party that you are holding for your employees.  Or even just a note, email or special thank you to them on the phone for all their hard work to help your store run smoothly.  Just showing your appreciation goes a long way to your continued partnership.

Appreciate your regular customers

While this week is focused on honoring your employees, it is also a great time to thank your best customers.   You can have your employees write notes to your favorite customers.  Or offer your best customers a store discount, special coupon or even a free toy for their puppy or kitten. It can be a great way to maintain the solid relationship you have already established with your best customers and let them know you recognize and appreciate them.

There are many ways your store can participate in National Customer Service week.  It is a good time to let your employees know you appreciate and recognize their hard work.  And, of course, this appreciation should be continued throughout the year.

If you would like to enhance your customer service support team, please contact our success team ( to see how we can help provide your store with top notch customer service.



Lisa FimbergHow Pet Retailers Can Participate in Customer Service Week