National Boss Day: How Do You Measure Up to Your Employees?

by Lisa Fimberg on October 13, 2020

National Boss day falls every year on October 16th.   The holiday dates back to 1958 as a way to strengthen the bond between employers and their employees.  It signifies the appreciation of how employers or managers interact with their employees.

While National Boss day is probably not top of mind for most employers, it can be a good time for reflection.  Many bosses or employers can use this day to consider what their employees may think about their leadership style.  It is no coincidence that it falls just one week after National Customer Service week which celebrates and recognizes employees.

Employee retention

Employee retention is typically the leading indicator on whether or not employees consider the organization to be a great working environment.   Do you have high turnover rate at your store or several long-term employees that have developed with your continued growth?

Of course, employee retention is one of the most important aspects in any business.   Whether you are a small business owner, or part of a big box chain, employee retention is not only important for morale and your customers, but ultimately your bottom line.

Employee turnover is very expensive, as it is time consuming and costly to train any new employee.  And, of course, having stability within your store provides consistency and brand alliance with your customers!

How can your store keep employees and increase productivity?

While you cannot always control how your employees act or react, you can control how they are treated.  If your employees are happy, they will not only stay with you longer, but will be more productive and positive with your customers.

Your management style is a reflection of you and your store.  Everyone leads differently, but being appreciative, kind and professional will lend to a productive store and employee retention.

Below are some different ways to keep your employees happy and productive:

  • Empower your employees: If you let all your employees from bottom to top, whether they are customer service or floor managers own their positions, it gives them a sense of empowerment. You want your team to know how important each position is to the success of your store.
  • Mistakes are learning lessons: We all have made mistakes in our various positions. Rather than scold an employee for a mistake or doing something wrong, make sure they learn from it.  In most cases, they will not repeat the mistake again.
  • Lead by example: The morale of your business or store starts at the top.   If you are happy, fair and reward success, it will make a happy, productive team.  Lead with kindness and fairness, and not fear which is typically counterproductive.
  • Be open to feedback and new ideas: You never know what ideas your employees might come up with when given the opportunity to share.  It can be the best idea you have ever heard or maybe just an idea, but they will appreciate your listening to their input either way.
  • Keep employees informed: If you have any big changes at your store or even just a new staff member, let your employees know.  They will appreciate being included in any changes or updates.
  • Recognize outstanding work: By rewarding employees for making set goals or even just having a great day of sales, it will make them want to work even harder.  It can be just a “shout out” or a sincere thank you at the end of the day.  Your employee will remember it.

Of course, there are some employees who just don’t work out or are not the right fit for your organization. However, establishing open communication and professional treatment of all employees will go a long way with the rest of the organization.

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Lisa FimbergNational Boss Day: How Do You Measure Up to Your Employees?