Pawsumer Reports: Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide

by Newsbites Staff on January 10, 2020

Bully Sticks


They come from a single ingredient (bull pizzles).

100% natural

Fully digestible & stomach-safe

A low-fat chew treat

Long-lasting, satisfies the urge to chew

High in protein and packed with nutrients, like naturally occurring glucosamine (which makes them great for aging dogs)

Good for dental health

No preservatives or artificial colors


More expensive. One 4” stick can run you as much as $1.50. Larger sticks can even cost upwards of $7 or more.

Odor/Smell *Low-odor versions are available

Even though they’re digestible, small pieces can still pose a choking hazard.

Super aggressive chewers can burn through a bully stick in a short amount of time, and the calorie content can become a con.



Inexpensive: rawhide is significantly cheaper than bully sticks

Satisfies dog’s chewing instincts

Great for dental health

Low in calories

Ease teething pain in puppies

No preservatives or artificial colors, compared to other dog treats


Not digestible

Many rawhide products are not all-natural

Can come from a variety of “hide” sources

Typically shorter lasting than bully sticks

Showcased end cap is available for your store. Contact the Success Team for pricing. 

Newsbites StaffPawsumer Reports: Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide