Third Party Pet Customer Service Week 2020 Was A Big Success

by Newsbites Staff on October 20, 2020

Third Party Pet celebrated Customer Service week for the first time this year.  Under the guidance of our management team, TPP joined in the celebration to honor our customer service team representatives.

For the uninitiated, Customer Service Week falls the first week of October and recognizes those who work in customer service.  It is a week designed to celebrate and thank all the employees who are on the front line of day to day customer interactions.

TPP celebrates virtually and safely:

This year’s customer service week theme, “Dream Team” was incorporated into all messages and daily events:


Angie Luckey-Succes, as well as other team leaders, hand delivered gift boxes to our local call center representatives who work in Customer Service (wearing masks of course!)

Our customer service team members loved the actual face-to-face meetings (some for the first time since converting to the new work from home model) with their managers and appreciated the hand off!

Each gift box contained 5 bags which were labeled with the corresponding day of the week, Monday through Friday.

Our reps were asked to open each bag the morning of the designated weekday (no peeking!)

Each day had a special theme indicating what our Customer service team reps should wear and each bag contained a special gift or treat.


TPP Polo & Facemask Day

The gift for Monday was the TPP Polo shirt and Facemask:

Mike Isaac, our CEO and Adam Stachowiak, our CVO as well as Bruno (our company mascot and Chief Furry Officer) delivered heartfelt video messages to our customer service team.


Onesie Day (Pajama Day for the Warehouse Team)

The gift in Tuesday’s bag was popcorn and candy.

Our reps wore onesies, and the warehouse crew wore pajamas for the day.

Roxanne Conrad, our VP of Marketing; Brian Lett, our VP of Sales; and Laura Cunico, our COO, delivered warm and thankful video messages to our customer service team.


Superhero Day

The gifts in Wednesday’s bag were a TPP notepad and pen.

Wednesday was superhero day where our customer service reps (and some managers) dressed as their favorite superhero.

Angie Luckey-Succes, our Director of Call Center Operations, and Mike Kalck, our Director of Fulfilment delivered thankful, appreciative video messages to our customer service reps.


Sports Day

The gifts in Thursday bags were a TPP coffee mug, TPP sugar cookie, and a TPP Fidget Spinner.

Thursday was Sports Day where our employees wore different jerseys or attire of their favorite sports team.  It even got a little competitive with some Bears and Cub fans owning their favorite sports team and calling out each other!

Several heartfelt, grateful video messages were delivered to the Customer Service reps from Sylvia Miller, our Senior Sales Manager of Registrations, Armado Perez, our Senior Sales Manager of Lead Management, and Craig Dumstorff, our Vice President of IT.


Hawaiian Shirt Day

The gifts in Friday’s bag were a $10 gift card to Jimmy John’s and a green lei.

The fun and warmth of the Hawaiian shirt theme day brought smiles to our reps and managers on a cold Chicago day.

There was a final round of video messages to all of our customer service reps from Michelle Weinberg, our Lead Management Manager, and Keith Biro, our Senior Sales and Operation manager, reiterating their gratitude to our reps for their hard work and dedication.

As the week ended, there were many great highlights besides just the theme of the day, gifts and appreciate videos.

Memorable Highlights of the Week

Mike Isaac, one of our founders of TPP, participated and dressed up for the respective theme every day.  Many of our managers, as well as the executive team, joined the celebration by either dressing in the theme or rooting on everyone else that did.

Pictures and videos were posted by our new employees, current agents, distribution center employees, and leadership alike on the Third Party Pet Facebook group page for everyone to share and enjoy!

In fact, Customer Service week was such as success at TPP that it will now be slated for every year in early October.

It is no wonder that TPP has received Best Places to Work recognition two years in a row as well as a Stevie award.

If you want to join the wonderful customer service team representatives at TPP, please check the employment page for open positons!

Newsbites StaffThird Party Pet Customer Service Week 2020 Was A Big Success