What Can Pet Retailers Expect for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020?

by Lisa Fimberg on October 8, 2020

2020 has been a worrisome time for retailers as many have had to change their typical sales protocol, or close their doors for a period of time.   While many retailers have reopened, the threat of the pandemic is still looming.  Pet retailers have had the advantage of being an essential business and have been open for virtually the entire pandemic.

The holiday season 2020

With the holidays approaching, what can pet retailers expect for the holiday season, or specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Some of the big box retailers like Walmart have decided to close on Thanksgiving Day to avoid massive crowds during the pandemic as well as to keep their employees safe.  However, they will remain open on Black Friday with social distancing measures in place.

It is hard to predict what can happen during these unprecedented times, but one thing that seems to be consistent with past years, is that consumers will still be looking to bring home a new puppy or kitten to their family over the holidays.  And, of course, all those new (and current) pet owners will continue to need supplies and some gifts for their new furry family members.

With many Americans still nervous about traveling, there could be some extra spending cash left in the budget this holiday season.

How Can Pet Retailers Prepare Their Stores for Black Friday?

While there is typically a massive surge of consumers beginning Black Friday and lasting through the holiday season, retailers (including pet) can expect a significant reduction in foot traffic from previous years.   With social distancing guidelines in place, there are only a limited number of customers allowed in the store.

Additional staff during the holidays will not be as vital as it was in previous years because of the continued restrictive guidelines.  However, employees should be reminded of the importance of every customer visit to maximize the value the store can bring to that individual shopper.

Holiday themes should continue as usual

Pet retailers should continue to decorate their stores for the holidays, implement and promote holiday sales and advertise special promotions, like winter wonderland photo shoots, to get customers in the holiday spirit.  This year, more than most, customers may be looking for a bit of holiday cheer.  Holiday music, decorations and themed displays can provide a bit of “holiday normalcy.”

Consider a Cyber Monday sale

With so many consumers gravitating to on-line purchasing, pet retailers should consider all the options available to them to capitalize on those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their couch.

Cyber Monday is a great way to promote online sales if it’s a new feature to your store.  It can be a nice kickoff to the holidays and get consumers in the mood to spend.  Consider a Cyber Monday day sale with specific discounts which could be increased the more the consumer spends.

Make sure to have extra stock of your best selling items as well as sales items ready to be delivered in a timely manner.

While the holidays will look different this year, pet owners will continue to need supplies as well as holiday gifts to shower on their pets.  With the right strategy and promotion, pet retailers can expect a very merry holiday season!

Looking for a bit more assistance or holiday cheer ideas?  Our Success Team (successteam@thirdpartypet.com)  can help you create customized holiday promotions and graphics designs to compliment them.


Lisa FimbergWhat Can Pet Retailers Expect for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020?