What Will The 2020 Holiday Season Look like for Pet Retailers?

by Lisa Fimberg on September 14, 2020

Let’s face it…2020 will be a year to be remembered!  The Covid Pandemic has had an emotional and economic impact on just about everyone.   Many retailers and small business owners were hit the hardest having had to close their doors for months.  Even today some are only open for curbside pick- up.

The pet industry, however has had a silver lining.  With so many Americans converted to working from home, numerous sought out companionship.  For the first time in years, puppies and kittens have been in such huge demand – wiping out most shelters, breeders, and retailers.

2020 – A Holiday Season to Remember

Pet retailers can continue to flourish this holiday season given pet owners’ furry family members (new and existing) will be included on their customers holiday list.

Christmas 2020 could turn out to be better than previous years.  Many families have turned vacation or travel budgets into home improvement or family gifts / enjoyment options.  And with many consumers being very mindful in supporting their local and small businesses, it could be a great end of the year for brick and mortar pet retailers.

Start Planning For The Holiday Season Now

Typically, the end of October is the start of the holiday buying season for most consumers, so it is always best to start planning now.

Below are some suggestions that you can implement to increase sales this holiday season:

Decorate your store

As in other years, it’s important to decorate your store for the Holiday season.  Getting customers in the festive mood will encourage generous purchases of treats, toys, or bones for their furry friend.  Holiday music always helps consumers get in the spirit.

Consider having a holiday launch sale

If you put some of your most popular items on sale, it could be a great way to launch the holiday season.  You might even have a special holiday section for the toys and treats that are holiday branded.

Make every walk-in or scheduled appointment count

When a customer stops by your store to play with or a purchase a puppy or kitten, make the visit count!  Take advantage of the extra in-store time by making sure your employees are ready to share and promote the holiday specials and favorites.

Promote the new puppy or kitten essentials

When a customer does buy a puppy or kitten, make sure you are well equipped in any of the puppy or kitten accessories: food, a bed, toys and even a crate for a new puppy.  The basics are always good sellers and are essential.

Display your best selling products

Only you know which products are selling the best at your store and these products should be on display and visible for every walk-in appointment.  You can add a little extra festive feel to your best selling products to make them stand out more.  Consider a strand of Christmas lights or end cap signage to highlight these products.

Use social media to promote your holiday sales

Your website should also advertise any of your holiday sales or programs that you are offering.  Use social media to continue to promote your products and the festive theme as you would in any other year.

The holiday season might look a little different this year.  But with the right decorations, holiday spirit and preparation, you can help your customers (and ultimately your store) enjoy and extend the good will to their beloved pets.

Looking for a little more insight or some help with planning a holiday promotion?  Contact your Success Team member (successteam@thirdpartypet.com) today for your personalized consultation!

Lisa FimbergWhat Will The 2020 Holiday Season Look like for Pet Retailers?