About Us

For over 10 years the owners of Third Party Pet have worked to find ways to make the pet industry run smoother and more efficient.  From retail to the wholesale of products we have taken the complicated business of pet store sales to a new level.  From customer service needs, to lead management, and graphic design we are on the forefront of creativity and efficiency in the marketplace.

Third Party Pet is not just a third party service company, we live the pet business on a daily basis.  We act more as a business coach, to help pet store owners increase their profitability, than we do a service company.  Where we have seen opportunities in the management of pet store sales and procedures, we have developed solutions to fix these problems.

  • Trouble with staff answering the phone – We can fix that
  • Trouble with customer issues getting addressed correctly and professionally? – We can fix that
  • Trouble with building value in products? – We can fix that
  • Trouble with marketing on a tight budget? – We can fix that

We own-it… we fix it… we get it!

All of our products were developed from our own personal needs from when we owned a retail pet store.  As a client you can take advantage of that knowledge and service that we spent years developing.  Don’t expect your staff to be perfect at everything, we can help.

We focus on solutions, so our customers can focus on their pets.


  • “Since hiring Third Party Pet, I’ve had time to focus on what really matters…sales!”

    Petland Fairfax
  • “Third Party Pet attends to my customer’s needs and takes the hassle out of claims…increasing employee morale.”

    Petland Monroeville
  • “Third Party Pet is a valuable partner.  In every interaction, they are extremely positive and always make me feel like they are there to service our store.”

    Petland Naperville
  • “Best decision I’ve made was choosing Third Party Pet!  It has given me time to focus on my store’s improvement!

    Petland Orlando East
  • "The team is incredible at Third Party Pet."

    Petland Lewis Center
  • On several occasions, the team has risen above my expectations and performed at an amazing level…truly champions of customer service!

    Petland Naperville
  • "No denying it- They're good! Very Good! Many thanks!"

    Petland Dalton/Rome
  • "I could not imagine running my store without Third Party Pet. They free up my team to do what's most important, sales!"

    Petland Lewis Center
  • Using Third Party Pet is one of the best business decisions we have made! They not only lift a burden off of my shoulders but they treat the customers with the respect and dedication to their satisfaction that they deserve.

    Petland Orlando South
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