About Us

Since 2011, the team at Third Party Pet® has worked to find innovative ways to make the pet industry run more smoothly and efficiently.  From retail to the wholesale of products and services, we have taken the complicated business of pet store sales to a new level.  Our teams specialize in customer service needs, lead management, and graphic design. We are on the forefront of creativity and efficiency in the marketplace.

Third Party Pet® is not just a third-party service company, we live and breathe the pet business on a daily basis.  We are a trusted adviser, helping you increase your profitability and develop solutions where we see opportunities, based on our over 50 cumulative years in the pet industry.

  • Trouble with staff answering the phone? – We have a solution!
  • Trouble with customer calls getting answered correctly and professionally? – We have a solution!
  • Trouble with building value in products? – We have a solution!
  • Trouble with marketing on a tight budget? – We have a solution!

All of our products were developed with your needs in mind.  As a client you can take advantage of the knowledge and services that we spent years developing.  Your staff is not perfect at everything, therefore we can help you!

We focus on solutions so your customers can focus on their pets.

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