Breed Highlight: Dachshunds-Not Just a Cute Face

What’s in a name? Would a dog by another name be as fierce? Some may know them as ‘wiener dogs’, ‘sausage dogs’, or other cute nicknames inspired by this breed’s unique look, but to get a real insight into their personality, the name Dachshund is as far as you need to go! The name means ‘badger dog’ in German, which is exactly what they were bred to do.


It takes a confident, loyal, smart, and tenacious dog to go into a dark burrow after a fierce animal larger than they are, and that’s exactly the kind of personality the Dachshund displays. Although badgers are no longer hunted in this way, those breed traits remain, making this small dog a big personality in the home.


Coming in three coat types – smooth, long, and wire haired – and a variety of colors, they are a diverse breed with something for everyone to enjoy! They also come in 2 sizes – regular and miniature – although both have that same big personality. Grooming is generally simple, and the long and wire haired varieties do not require more than a good comb out and foot trim if the owner desires. Like many small dogs, their nails must receive extra attention and not be allowed to grow too long. Overall, this is a breed with minimal maintenance and easy coat care.


Dachshunds are a loyal and steadfast companion – although they are small, do not mistake this breed for a lapdog! Dachshunds are in the hound group and hunters at heart. Barking, digging, and tendencies towards stubbornness are all things to expect out of these pups, as well as a dog that loves to be outside and using their nose. Obedience training is key, and Dachshunds expect a partner they can trust as well as appropriate rewards for good behavior. However, don’t be surprised if a fun smell on the ground grabs their nose and becomes more interesting than you! Consistency and positive reinforcement are key in building a bond with your Dachshund.


Throughout history, some famous faces have enjoyed having Dachshunds as pets. Andy Warhol and Picasso, both visionaries of their times, were owned by this breed. Warhol’s dog, Archie, reportedly was his closest companion, and was carried with him everywhere. Multiple people remarked on how he and his owner shared the same intense personality. Lump was Picasso’s canine inspiration and appears in many of his iconic paintings. Picasso also enjoyed reimagining existing works of art, and Lump can be seen in those as well, often replacing the dogs in the original artwork with his distinctive visage. These dashing dogs were not just inspiration either – they also attracted royalty and leaders, such as Queen Victoria and John F Kennedy!


If you’re looking for a companion that will be bold, fearless, and opinionated, a Dachshund may be the right dog for you!






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