Lead Management Services

Lead conversion is the #1 inefficacy in the industry. Without dedicated resources to outbound lead follow up and inbound Q&A, qualified leads are likely being lost. Our Lead Management team dedicates the time and attention needed to each new lead to answer any and all questions, set appointments in a timely manner, and provide your customers with all the information needed to set your staff up for a simple sale when they walk through your doors.


  • Live experts, available to answer each call, voicemail and online request
  • Available 7 days a week during your store hours and beyond
  • Appointments booked in a timely fashion, increasing traffic into your store
  • Dedicated follow up to non-booked and missed appointments


  • Focus on finding the right fit for each customer’s lifestyle and budget needs prior to their appointment, ensuring appointments are qualified before walking in the door
  • Market your services with our representatives who act as an extension of your brand
  • Let our team build the value of your offerings with each customer prior to entering your store so your team can focus on finalizing the sale


  • Metrics and reporting provide you detailed feedback to assist in growing your business and staying current on market trends
  • Business consulting from industry experts on building the value of your offerings
  • Access to program marketing analytics and insights to boost revenue